The ‘Author’

I, by no means, consider myself an author or a writer. More a scribbler or rambler. I give a stream of how life is. My experiences. My thoughts. Something.

My name is Jansen. I’m trying to figure life out. I clearly have no clue so far. Putting things in print helps me organize them. And so this is this.

I’m in that stage where I’m supposed to be an “Adult” but I have no clue how to be. I still want to be a kid. But I was never even really a teenager. I was always shy and missed out on it. I secluded myself and so I’m still trying to come to terms with the world.

I’ve blogged and wrote forever here and there. It’s just a way of organizing my scatter brain. Sometimes people enjoy reading it. Generally I highly doubt that is the case. Oh well.. Life goes on.

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