3 comments on “Frankenstein relationship.

  1. You’re trying to create a perfect person, but , I guess you know exactly how that will turn out,….. something like Frankenstein created…. pieces that don’t match perfectly.

    Greetings !

    • True enough. But. I guess my goal is more to pull malleable characteristics and points from people. And I mean. I clearly can’t go all ‘Weird Science’ and create a girl. So it’s just.. Things I look for that tend to mesh well with me. I’m hopeful that there’s someone out there somewhere.. Gotta have hope.

      • * grins * True. Out of the population of 7 billion , 3 billion are women ( yes, there are more men now than women ) so I’m sure there’s gotta have someone that fits your ideal. It’s good to have an ideal though. I’m sure everybody has one. You don’t have to settle for less.

        Cheers !

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